Pokio Goes to the Beach

pokio goes to the beach

Just across the road from where we live there is a small beach where Mummy goes swimming sometimes in the summer. Daddy used to swim in competition when he was young and was a very strong swimmer but he never managed to teach Mummy. She is nervous in the water and doesn’t like to get out of her depth, but she does like to splash around when the weather is hot. This place is ideal because there is a small area almost completely enclosed by rocks where the water is shallow.

Mummy has to leave me at home when she goes swimming. If she lets me off the lead when there are people about I tend to nose around in their belongings and, if there is any food about, I don’t need to tell you what would happen! Some people make a fuss of me but others don’t like me being on the beach. They think I will make a mess but Mummy always has plenty of poop scoops.

I don’t like the water. One time I had the mad idea to jump in and I soon jumped out again!

Mummy and I often go there in the winter when there is no-one around. She can let me off the lead and I can’t run away (not that I would anyway; sometimes I just pretend I will). I don’t like the water. One time I had the mad idea to jump in and I soon jumped out again! I don’t like being bathed either so Mummy had to sponge me down on the balcony with a bowl of warm water to get the salt out of my coat.

Mummy lets me off the lead at the top of the steps because I get so excited I almost pull her down them. I love to just run on the sand. Every time we go there are new smells for me to investigate. I can chase the birds, although I never seem to be able to catch them. Why can’t I fly? Of course, I am not sure what I would do if I caught one. The fun is all in the chase. Then there are the rocks that I can climb all over. Sometimes Mummy can’t see me when I do this but she doesn’t worry because she knows I can’t get lost.

A couple of times we have been here with Mummy’s friend and her two dogs, my lady friends, Rita and Aria. Aria likes to go in the sea but Rita and I just run on the sand. Mummy and her friend throw balls for us. We are good at chasing them but forget we have to bring them back! I don’t always realise Mummy can’t throw it for me if I don’t let go of it first.

Sometimes I am a bit naughty when Mummy calls me to go home and run back across the sand just as she goes to put my lead on. Then she gets stern with me and makes me stay. I have to behave otherwise I might not get my Dentastix when I get home!

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