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Welcome to Charity Spotlight – a handy reference point for good folk doing great work. We’re helping to raise the profile of this diverse group of people and we encourage you to get involved with them, be it fundraising or even volunteering.

We would like to include all charities – large and small – that have anything at all to do with the world of dogs. If you’d like to see your organisation featured in these pages, please call us on 01276 858880 for more details. And if you’ve not yet got charity status but are still doing great work, have a chat with our team – we may still be able to include you!

Featured Charity

Forever Hounds Trust

Forever Hounds Trust rescues, cares for and homes abused or abandoned greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds.

We provide our dogs with a safe environment, emergency treatments and veterinary care. They are exercised and shown love, often for the first time.

There is a sighthound for everyone and we are very successful in finding the right dog for the right home. New families receive ongoing support from our qualified behaviourists, for life.

If you can offer a home to a rescued sighthound, please get in touch with Forever Hounds Trust on 03000 111 100 or email: trish.stokoe@foreverhoundstrust.org

To support our work, please visit foreverhoundstrust.org

Charity Spotlight