The Adventures of Pokio


Hello, I am Pokio, a Greek dog and I live with my English mummy on Crete.

Daddy sent me to Mummy after he died to help stop her from feeling so sad. She called me Pokio because Daddy once said he had long nose like Pokio by mistake – he meant ‘Pinocchio’. Mummy thought that was funny and started calling Daddy ‘Pokio’.

Mummy says I have lots in common with Daddy because I have big brown eyes and can be stubborn, but she cannot help loving me. I can also be very naughty. I am light brown and white with very soft hair. My body is quite long, as are my ears, but I have short legs. Although I am a small dog, Mummy says I have a bark like a Rottweiler!

I got a real telling off, but how was I to know it was not mine when she left it where I could reach it?

My previous owners dumped me in a field so when I first came to live with Mummy, I was very, very good. Once I realised she was going to keep me, I started to show my real character. Mummy was very cross with me when she came home one day with a nice cheese pie. She left it on the buffet unit while she went to do something else.

I just could not resist. At first she was puzzled and wondered what I was eating. She could not remember giving me a treat then she realised I had stolen her lunch. I got a real telling off, but how was I to know it was not mine when she left it where I could reach it?

When Mummy takes me to her favourite tavernas, the waiters all say hello to me and ask Mummy if she wants a table for two. Sometimes I even get treats. I even like going to the vet because they have a little dog I play with.

I do not like being left on my own and I must admit I was very bad. I did a lot of damage when Mummy went out. Now I have to stay on the balcony when Mummy goes out; it is not too bad, as I like to watch people going by. I also like to bark at the other dogs. I have a kennel with a nice warm blanket so I can go inside if the weather is cold or wet. I always get a treat when Mummy gets home.

My favourite game is “I am going to get that dog”. Mummy chases me round and round the sofa with my ball or squeaky toy but she never catches me! I have had lots of squeaky toys but I keep killing the squeak. Mummy has to take them away from me when I start chewing bits off.

There is a brighter side to the coronavirus: it means Mummy does not go out so much. She is able to spend more time playing with me. I just hope when she goes food shopping she does not forget to buy the important things, like dog food and treats.

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