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K9 Dog Chew of Churpi

Dogs Today December issue


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Available in Pets At Home, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Morrisons and good newsagents.

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K-nine News

Ebola dog going to quarantine

Ebola is causing panic, but the world united to try to save two pet dogs caught up in outbreaks


Border Collie with ball   Great Dane Sabbath   Mastiff with electric shock

Clever boy!
Meet Chaser, the dog with a vocabulary of 1,000 words


Great Dane is a huge help for sufferer


Shock collars
New research proves they are not a quick fix

Dog running into road   Clarissa Baldwin with pup   Two Romanian strays

The missing
Jester and Harvey’s Law unite to campaign for lost dogs


Top dog retires
We look back on Clarissa Baldwin’s achievements


Four Paws
The stars come out to support Romanian strays

Great Debate

Knitted toy dogs

Getting crafty about doggie Christmas gifts. Great things to knit and bake!


Basset with head out of car window   Dog leaping in snow   US puppy farmers

Great debate
Should you let your dog lean out of the car window?


Picture special
More of the world's best dog photos


To the rescue!
Victoria Stilwell closes a US puppy farm

Dog playing in ball pool   Woman giving treat to old dog   Basset Hound puppy

Playing games
Karen Wild helps you to stay and play indoors


Pet promises
Sarah Whitehead suggests some New Year’s resolutions


Restoring harmony
Peter Neville helps out as a new Basset pup causes a stir


Fido Facts: Meet the Sprockers

Sprocker lying down
  • Breed questionnaire

  • Living with a Sprocker

  • Justine Hankins on breed history

  • Dr David Sargan performs a health MOT


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Can you find the parcel hidden in our online directory!

Fings For Fido

Find the ParcelFind and click on the parcel (which will look like the one shown), somewhere in the online directory, and you'll be able to enter our new monthly competition!

Every month we'll set a new question for you to answer and you can enter as many times as you like!

FingsforFido is a brilliant new idea. You buy a subscription and every month a different box of treats will arrive with toys and yummy things appropriate to the age and type of your dog. You'll also get some great training tips, too!And really fantastic is that 10% of all their profits will go to Veterans for Dogs! Find out more here:

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"No Bull" posters

So many people liked the illustration in our January issue that we've issued it as a separate poster, artwork by Kevin Brockbank.

The posters are A4 size and printed on heavy paper/card.

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