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K9 Dog Chew of Churpi

Dogs Today November issue


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Available in Pets At Home, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Morrisons and good newsagents.

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K-nine News

Fireman with rescue dog

The tragic fire at Manchester Dogs’ Home and its lasting legacy


Puppy with snail on window   Marshall with owner   Pia and Ora

Slugs and snails...
...and puppy dog ails. How you can help the fight against lungworm


The Miracle Dog
Marshall becomes a movie star


Without a trace
Have you seen the missing Spanish rescue dogs?

Bulldog   Dalmatians playing   Bulldog puppy with US flag

Ugly breedism
Discrimination is on the rise


101 Dalmatians…
...and other amazing breed get-togethers


USA bans puppy imports
Should the UK follow suit?

Great Debate

Dog with pumpkins

Halloween fancy dress: frightful or delightful?


Holidaymakers with pet passport   Cairn Terrier with treats   Springer running through river

Pet passport news
Did you know rabies is already here?


Take and leave!
Karen Wild teaches table manners


Picture special
More of the world's best dog photos

Maltese terrier   Labrador and Cocker Spaniel   Labrador and Jack Russell meeting

Baby its cold out there!
Maltese Jess refuses to go outside!


Best behaviour
Rehabilitating sheep chasers


Dog nose best
Sarah Whitehead
sniffs out canine communication


Fido Facts: Northern Inuits

Northern Inuit lying down
  • Breed questionnaire

  • Living with a Northern Inuit

  • Justine Hankins on breed history

  • Dr David Sargan performs a health MOT


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FingsforFido is a brilliant new idea. You buy a subscription and every month a different box of treats will arrive with toys and yummy things appropriate to the age and type of your dog. You'll also get some great training tips, too!And really fantastic is that 10% of all their profits will go to Veterans for Dogs! Find out more here:

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"No Bull" posters

So many people liked the illustration in our January issue that we've issued it as a separate poster, artwork by Kevin Brockbank.

The posters are A4 size and printed on heavy paper/card.

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