“A lifeline”: how UK dogs helped their owners through lockdown

Three in five long-term dog owners said that their dog was "a lifeline" in lockdown, according to data released ahead of World Mental Health Day (10 October). Carried out in July 2020, the research shows...
Training to detect covid

[Video] Guide dogs retrain as Covid-19 detection dogs

All around the globe, dogs are being trained as potential Covid-19 detection dogs. UK charity Guide Dogs has now donated three withdrawn guide dogs – Ivan, Maple and Spencer – to Medical Detection Dogs,...

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renters often face a heartbreaking choice - the home or the dog

Jasmine’s Law: MP seeks to limit “no pets” policies for renters

Later this morning (Wednesday 14 October), Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell will deliver a speech in Parliament as part of a 10 Minute Rule Bill to propose legislation dubbed 'Jasmine's Law' - aiming to place...

Body of Chihuahua found in bread bag in London [Warning: upsetting images]

The RSPCA is appealing for information concerning a Chihuahua whose body was found stuffed inside a bread bag Pearson Street, north-east London, on 7 September. Trainee RSPCA inspector Shahnaz Ahmad said, “This was a very...
Prepare pets for bonfire night

Countdown to Bonfire Night: how to start preparing your dog for fireworks

There is less than one month left before Bonfire Night starts off fireworks season, and pet owners are urged to start preparing their pets for it in order to avoid stress and injuries. As...

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The dog was found in a park in Keighley

Emaciated dog body found in Keighley park [Warning: upsetting images]

The RSPCA is appealing for information after the body of an emaciated dog was found dumped in Victoria Park, Keighley, on Monday 21st September.  The distressing discovery was made by a member of the public,...
Lucys Law to be introduced in Wales

Lucy’s Law to be introduced in Wales

Yesterday (5 October), almost exactly six months after Lucy's Law came into effect in England, the Welsh government has confirmed that the ban on third party puppy (and kitten) sales will be introduced in...
retro police bus turned vet clinic

How a retro police bus became a veterinary clinic for stray animals

On World Animal Day (4 October) 20 years ago, FOUR PAWS founders Heli Dungler and Josef Pfabigan presented a '74 retro police bus as the first mobile veterinary clinic. What sounds curious today was...
Victoria Spry with her labradors

Victoria Spry: “The side of the story I always wanted to tell”

We have received the sad news that Victoria Spry, a woman who endured years of horrific abuse at the hands of her foster mother and went on to fight for other abuse survivors, has...

Invisible chains

When you hear talk about cartels, you normally think of illegal drugs, not vets and pet funerals! But increasingly, the same shareholders will profit from almost every aspect of your dog’s life and death Article...
Firework season

Pet owners urged to prepare ahead of fireworks season

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is urging pet owners and livestock keepers who are worried about their animals’ welfare to "take steps now to avoid possible injury and distress during traditional fireworks dates" such...
Dogs are struggling with a quiet house

“My dog is struggling with a quiet house”

Now that we're a few weeks into the school term after the longest summer holiday ever, it’s not only the human family members that are facing an upheaval in what had become the normal...
franchise opportunity

A tail wagging opportunity for dog lovers

Coronavirus has forced more than a quarter of small businesses to pause or close-up completely, and if you've been one of those affected and have always wanted to re-start again and perhaps own your...

Terrier found with “horrendous” badger digging injuries

The RSPCA is appealing for information about a Patterdale terrier found wandering alone in Derbyshire with injuries that are "typical of badger baiting and digging". A member of the public found the black Patterdale terrier...
aftermath of attack on wildlife

Men who set dogs on wildlife sentenced [Warning: upsetting image and video]

Three men from Kent have been jailed after "shocking" WhatsApp messages revealed "a string of offences against wildlife", RSPCA says. Matthew McWilliam Junior, Jethro Smith and Harry Noble all pleaded guilty to a string of...
sniffing covid

Watch: dogs sniffing out Covid at Helsinki airport

Dogs trained to detect Covid infections are being used to screen passengers just off the plane in Helsinki, Finland - and the results so far are promising. Passengers landing at the Helsinki airport can choose...

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Bella Boo struggled during lockdown

Bella Boo’s battle with lockdown loneliness

Although many pets have enjoyed having their owners work from home during lockdown, the pets of key workers had a very different experience, with...
Police at the robbed clinic

Rescue dog clinic robbed

Dog Care Clinic is a charity registered in Germany as well as in Sri Lanka, taking in injured, sick and unwanted pets as well...

Help for Hopper

Hopper came into our lives in May this year when he was 10 weeks old. He was the result of accidental breeding of two...