Urgent appeal after worldwide shortage of injectable vitamin B12


An urgent appeal is being made for the search of injectable vitamin B12 for dogs, after concerned owners whose pets rely on the injectable solution have suddenly found themselves unable to find or purchase it. For many, the most effective method of supplementation of vitamin B12 is by injection – which is vital for many pets – including rescue dog Fleur, who recently won the Animal Hero Rescue Award.

Fleur was rescued from the streets of Romania, but was so badly spayed during her time in the pound, part of her intestines were left hanging out with the surgical wound sewn shut with string. Luckily, UK-based charity Valgrays Border Collie Rescue stepped in and she received surgery to fix the botched operation.

Three weeks into her new life with Wendy and Andrew Morris, Fleur fell gravely ill and had a 1 per cent chance of recovering. An appeal was launched online, supported by Dogs Today among others, quickly raising enough money for pioneering surgery. After five hours of surgery and two weeks in intensive care, Fleur was finally out of the woods. She now heavily relies on injectable vitamin B12 as, with so little intestines left, the oral absorption of vitamin B12 won’t work.

As Wendy Morris explains in her Facebook post above, when the vitamin B12 wears of Fleur experiences symptoms of her illness including diarrhoea, extreme weight loss, loss of appetite, lack of energy, weakness, excessive sleeping and refusing to exercise.

We are hoping the power of social media can help the many people affected by the shortage. If anyone can fill the gap and manufacture this, or someone with stocks are able to release some for dogs like Fleur, please get in touch with Wendy.

Main image by Sam Clarke


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