Great Debate: Should we revert to the 10-month minimum age for the pet passport?


Since the Pet Travel Laws were relaxed in 2012, and the age for the movement of puppies dropped from 10 months to 15 weeks, there has been a surge in the volume of dogs moving from Central and Eastern Europe into the UK. The lack of visual checks at the border and proper enforcement of the scheme left it open for puppy smugglers to exploit, bringing in van after van of sick, underage puppies.  

With Brexit looming, the movement of pets in an out of the UK might face some serious challenges – but it is chance to overhaul the Pet Travel Scheme and tighten the health checks for dogs travelling into the UK. Dogs Trust has long been calling for the minimum age for travel to be brought up to six months. Others would go further, suggesting that the UK reverts to the previous 10-month minimum age to obtain a pet passport.

However, many are not convinced this would work, arguing it would be a too stringent age limit that would hinder Brits wishing to travel with their pets as well, as making it difficult for international rescues to send rescued pups to new forever homes in the UK. A smaller increase in age limit, or the proper enforcement of Pet Passport rules, would suffice.

Should we revert to the previous 10-month minimum age for a passport?

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