Charlotte Hawkins to host music programme for pets on Bonfire Night

Classic FM's Pet Classics - Charlotte Hawkins will host the programme on Bonfire Night and beyond

Bonfire Night is upon us, and despite the cheer its celebrations mark the beginning of the dreaded firework season – the bane of many dogs’ lives, and their owners’.

Classical music station Classic FM has announced the return of its biggest programmes to help keep the nation’s pets – and their owners – relaxed and stress-free on Bonfire Night and beyond. A 2020 study by The University of Sydney noted that animals “appear less stressed or anxious when exposed to classical music”.

Classic FM’s Pet Classics will be hosted by the station’s Sunday evening presenter and animal-lover Charlotte Hawkins. Supported by the RSPCA, the two programmes will be broadcast on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 November from 6pm to 10pm. Across the two evenings, Charlotte will play a selection of the most soothing classical music, featuring pet-related pieces from animal-loving composers.

Classic FM's Pet Classics - Charlotte Hawkins will host the programme on Bonfire Night and beyond

Charlotte Hawkins said, “It’s a huge privilege for me to host such a fabulous and much-loved programme on Classic FM for pets and their owners at this time. The classical music that we’ve chosen is super-relaxing and soothing, so I look forward to welcoming everyone to what will be our radio sanctuary.

“It will be wonderful to introduce classical music to a whole new audience, especially the four-legged variety! I know there will be one very loyal listener tuning in – my rescue dog, Bailey, who will be 17 years young on Bonfire Night!”

The station will also offer practical advice and tips for owners looking to make their animals as comfortable as possible.

Dr Sam Gaines, pet welfare expert at the RSPCA, said, “Fireworks night can be a scary time for animals. Many dogs and cats find it incredibly stressful – as do horses, farm animals and wildlife too. The noises and commotion can leave them feeling distressed and fearful.

Bonfire Night kicks off firework season in the UK

She added, “Playing classical music is one thing that pet owners can do to help calm their animals, while fireworks are being let off, and that is why we are so delighted to be involved with Pet Classics again this year. We play the programme to some of the animals in our care across Bonfire Night to help them to relax and to help mask the sound of fireworks.”

Classic FM’s Pet Classics with Charlotte Hawkins: Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November, 6pm to 10pm, on Classic FM – available across the UK on 100-102 FM, DAB digital radio and TV, on Global Player on your smart speaker, iOS or Android device and at

In addition, Classic FM’s Music for Pets, a playlist of peaceful, pet-friendly music is available on Global Player.


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