Suffering laid bare: Blue Cross pleads public to ditch fireworks this New Year’s Eve

frightened by fireworks
Image by Lisa Horne on Pixabay

Animal charity Blue Cross is urging people not to let off fireworks this New Year’s Eve, as “pet owners lay bare the extent of suffering loud bangs causes our four-legged friends” by sharing footage of their pets shaking with fear while fireworks can be heard going off.

Right at the beginning of this firework season, which kicks off on Bonfire night and continues until the New Year celebrations, reports poured in of animals becoming lost after being spooked by sudden bangs, or even being killed. These are sadly familiar news; despite numerous petitions calling for a reform of fireworks laws, signed by hundreds thousands people over the years, nothing has changed.

A survey by Blue Cross’s survey shows that 70 per cent of people interviewed think that the sale of fireworks outside specific licensed displays should be banned in the UK. Among respondents who have fearful pets, 40% say their pets “visibly shake”, while 36% “bark or cry” when they hear fireworks.

Blue Cross’s Head of Behaviour, Ryan Neile, said, “These results have laid bare the extent of suffering so many of the nation’s pets go through for days and weeks at a time every single year.

“That’s why we are pleading with people to think about their own actions this New Year’s Eve and consider ditching setting off loud fireworks, which leave many pets literally shaking in fear, for other celebrations. 

“We know at Blue Cross just how upsetting this time of year can be for animals – especially now we are seeing more and more people doing their own fireworks in their back gardens.”

Blue Cross is calling of the public to spread the word and display posters in their windows or local community boards, encouraging people not to use fireworks this winter. Advice to keep pets safe this New Year’s Eve can be found here.

Video by Blue Cross


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