Heartbroken family pleads for info on stolen dog

Stolen Enzo

A family from Tameside, near Manchester, have issued a desperate appeal for information after their male cocker spaniel was stolen from Valehouse reservoir in Tintwistle on 5 December 2020.

Enzo is just one of the 465 dogs reported as stolen in 2020 to DogLost, the UK’s largest lost and stolen dog service.

Angela Casale said, “Enzo is a massive part of our family and we are absolutely devastated that he is still missing. I would like to appeal directly to anyone who may have Enzo to please do the right thing and bring him back home to where he belongs.

“If you have rehomed or purchased a black and tan male cocker spaniel after 5 December 2020 in good faith that matches Enzo’s description, please do take him to any veterinary practice and ask for them to check for a microchip.

“We’ve had Enzo since a puppy and his absence has left an enormous hole in all our lives. We are heartbroken, it’s just horrible not knowing where he is.”

Stolen And Missing Pet Alliance (SAMPA) volunteer Justine Quirk said, “In 2020, we saw a 170 per cent increase in stolen dogs reported on the DogLost website.

“We know that pet theft has been increasing year-on-year since 2015 however 2020 seems especially worrying.

“Dogs are part of the family for many people and for them to be cruelly snatched away from what they know and where they feel safe is truly horrifying.”

On 14 March, at the beginning of Pet Theft Awareness Week, SAMPA gave dog owners some tips on how to keep their pets safe during their first digital #DogZoom event.

“Be alert, be aware and be vigilant.”

Justine says, “We want to remind dog owners that their dogs are still most at risk in their back gardens so ensure that your gardens are secure and when your dog is outside, keep them in eyesight at all times; never leave them unattended. In addition, never leave your dog tied up outside shops or alone in a car.

“Whilst exercising your dog, try to mix up your routine, going out and different times and to different places. When restrictions allow, walk your dog with other people or in an area that has other dog walkers around. Ensure that your dog has excellent recall so you can get your dog back on lead quickly and leave an area if you need to and don’t wear earphones so that you’re not distracted.

“Be alert, be aware and be vigilant.”

Appealing to anyone who may know where Enzo is, SAMPA says, “If you believe you know where Enzo is or you have been offered Enzo, please call DogLost or your local police force on 101.”

Enzo is a black and tan male cocker spaniel and is microchipped. His microchip details have been flagged as stolen with the relevant microchip companies, and the family has been issued with a Crime Reference Number.

A Facebook page has been set up for the search of Enzo, with details also available on his DogLost profile. It is possible his fur may have been clipped, making him appear different from the photos shared by his family.

SAMPA are pushing for #PetTheftReform to change the Theft Act 1968, which currently acknowledges all pets as “property” and inanimate objects – making pet theft is deemed a low risk but high reward crime.

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