Elderly owner overjoyed as stolen dog found

Stolen Penny returned

Penny, a two-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was stolen only a couple of days before Christmas – leaving her elderly, recently widowed owner devastated.

After wandering away from home on 23 December 2020, Penny was found by a member of the public who immediately began looking for her owner; unfortunately, someone stopped by to claim her, pretending to be the owner. He was driving a red car, and had a child with him. The member of the public handed over Penny without realising they were being lied to.

“Penny’s owner is a 77-year-old man who has recently lost his wife of 55 years,” a statement by Missing Dogs UK reads. “Penny is his only companion.

“If you know where penny is or if you have her, please do the right thing and hand her in somewhere safe or get in contact. They need to be with each other.”

On the evening of 11 January, almost three weeks after Penny was taken, Stacey Bushell was on her way back from work when she came across a small, lost dog.

“So tonight on my way home from work around 10pm i found this little beauty, soaking wet and running in main country lanes near Brownhills,” she wrote on Facebook. “Absolutely gorgeous and very friendly. I’m go to a vets now to see if this little dog is chipped and try to find out if the owners are missing this little beaut.

“If anyone knows of anyone missing this dog, please contact me and please share. I could not leave the dog in the rain on the roads.”

As it turned out, the lost little dog was Penny, and she was happily reunited with her overjoyed owner weeks after she was stolen.

Penny and her owner were not the only ones overjoyed for the happy ending: many dog lovers who had followed Penny’s story and shared the appeal for her return were happy to read the news.

“So happy for Alan and Penny,” wrote Sharon Todd. “Thank you Stacey, not everyone would have stopped for her after a long tough day, late at night on very wet roads. You are an angel.”

Main images by Stacey Bushell


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