A Jack Russell Terrier, who had recently given birth when found wandering in the streets, has become yet another example of why the Government ban on third party puppy sales can’t come soon enough.

Fay was discovered by members of the public, alone and in distress, on the Sandringham Road, London. It was clear she had recently given birth, with sore and inflamed teats that were still expressing milk and suffering from localised swelling. Her puppies were nowhere in sight, meaning she had solely been used for breeding purposes. 

Fay with swollen and sore teats, sadly with no puppies to be seen

Wrapped in a blanket, Fay was brought into Mayhew by concerned rescuers and then taken to the clinic for a full examination.

Zoe Edwards, Head of Animal Welfare at Mayhew, said, “We can safely say that Fay is a typical example of what Mayhew AWO’s see all too often. Fay has obviously been used for breeding, and given her body condition has not been kept in the best environment. On her arrival, she was so exhausted.

“We have no idea how long she had been wandering the streets for, and it must have been extremely stressful for her not knowing where she was or where her new pups were.’’

Fay’s story exposes the harsh reality of third party puppy sales, which result in unscrupulous, sometimes cruel and often dangerous breeding practices. Puppy farms significantly increase both physical and psychological risks to animals through unsanitary living conditions, stressful environments and separating mothers from puppies far too early.

The decision to back the ban – Lucy’s Law- was made last month in 10 Downing Street, at a garden reception attended by Mayhew CEO Caroline Yates. Commenting on her support for the ban, she said, “We are delighted the government has taken on board the evidence supplied by Mayhew and other welfare organisations on this important issue that we have all been very concerned about.

A happy ending is in sight, Fay is recovering and will soon be looking for a forever home

“The ban will help prevent owners continuously being misled into buying often sickly or underage animals from third party dealers, who have no interest in their welfare. It will bring us closer to putting an end to animal suffering, unnecessary deaths and the all too frequent relinquishment to shelters of these poor animals.

“With this legislative support, animal welfare organisations like Mayhew will truly be able to help animals and owners in our community.’’

Zoe Edwards adds, “People that breed solely for money do not care about the health and wellbeing of these poor animals, and the animals lives are miserable. They are kept in filthy conditions and just used to breed over and over again. The pups are taken away far too young, and the Mums are discarded when the breeders have no more use for them.’’

For Fay, a happy ending is already in sight. Mayhew’s Kennels team is taking care of her medical and behavioural needs around the clock, and as soon as she is fully vaccinated, neutered and has received the love and care she so rightly deserves, she will be available for adoption and looking for her forever home.

You can also watch Fay’s story in the video below…

Images and video by Mayhew 


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