5 things to consider when planning a holiday with your dog

5 things to consider when planning a holiday with your dog

5 things to consider when planning a holiday with your dog


Escaping your responsibilities with your canine friend is an amazing way to create memories, whether you take a trip to Britain’s coast or countryside.

However, taking your dog on holiday doesn’t need to be stressful! With our tips on the five things to consider when planning a trip with your dog, the process has never been easier…


Mode of transport

Traveling itself can be the trickiest part of your holiday with your dog, but to make things easy, here’s some tips for the road;

As all responsible dog owners know, regular pit stops are essential to ensure your dog has plenty of opportunity to rehydrate, go to the toilet and stretch their legs. And you must never leave you’re dog alone in the car.

Travelling by plane can be highly stressful for dogs, and therefore the best dog friendly holidays are taken in the UK.

If you are venturing abroad and are leaving your canine friend in the UK, be sure to do your research and find a reputable dog sitter or kennels to ensure your pup isn’t left alone.


Essentials to pack

After packing your own suitcase, it’s time to think of your pooch. The essentials include:

  • Food and water bowls, as well as their favourite food (and plenty of it)
  • Print off your pet’s insurance policy – Petplan’s pet insurance policies will ensure your pup is protected from any injuries or illnesses they might contract on holiday
  • ID tags – although your dog will be microchipped, which is a legal requirement, include your holiday address and mobile number on their ID tag
  • A collar and lead
  • Poo bags
  • Bedding and a blanket
  • Any necessary medication



When deciding on your dream dog destination, there are a few things to consider:

  • If the property has a garden, ensure its puppy proofed before you let your dog play. Always supervise your dog outdoors, too!
  • If you’re going to the countryside, check if there’s livestock nearby. If this could be a potential problem for your dog, maybe consider a coastal retreat.
  • Seaside summer holidays are fun and full of outdoor adventures. However, check local regulations as many coastal resorts ban dogs from beaches during the summer.

Once you’ve decided where to go and started planning your vacation, locate the nearest local veterinary surgery in case of any emergencies.


‘Dog Friendly’ accommodation

While you might be searching for five star hotels with spa access, travelling with your pup means factoring in their needs too! Ensure you find a hotel or apartment that is dog friendly, otherwise you might be in a pickle when you arrive.

Ask as many questions as you can regarding the facilities each place have to offer. For instance:

  • Are pets allowed indoors?
  • Is there dog bedding?
  • Are food and water bowls provided?

As well as dog friendly accommodation, research restaurants and cafes which allow you to dine with your canine companion! Being organised will make the trip a lot easier.


Fun activities for you and your dog

Holidaying with your dog is an exciting adventure, so aside from the important stuff, schedule in some fun activities for you and your dog to enjoy!

Avoid leaving your dog alone, although you might have to for a short period, as this can unnerve them, especially in a new environment.

Take a long walk and familiarise yourselves with the surroundings. Or head to the beach if you’re lucky enough to be in sunnier places and have a dip in the sea!

Your dog can even join you on your sunrise hike, just be sure to keep them hydrated and remember poo bags.

Always consider your dog’s abilities and health when planning activities, and although in holiday mode, remain vigilant with their safety.


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