Great Debate: is shaming puppy buyers doing more harm than good?


Watching members of the public buying puppies without first doing research is frustrating, especially if they end up giving their money to unscrupulous puppy farmers and smugglers. It can become even more heartbreaking when you think of the many dogs of all ages waiting in rescues for their forever home, and it’s no surprise that “adopt, don’t shop” has become such common advice. 

However, there are puppy buyers who do everything right – they source responsible breeders, and do all the research necessary before they take their puppy home – and feel that they are being shamed for their choice to buy a puppy.

Some argue that the uncompromising “adopt don’t shop” mantra is making potential puppy buyers less likely to ask for advice, and that energy would be best spent educating the public on how to properly source a good breeder if they don’t want to adopt – so that they don’t fall for common traps and give their money to those who are truly responsible for the surplus of dogs and pups in shelter.

 Is shaming puppy buyers doing more harm than good?

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