Great Debate: Are rescue rehoming requirements too strict?

Tan and white puppy waits in field

Home-checks are a must if you’re looking to rehome a dog, and no serious rehoming rescue would hand an animal over to a complete stranger without carrying out basic checks. The requirements can be very stringent, and many believe that this is necessary to ensure rescue dogs go to the best possible homes. After all, they say, dogs who have already been through rescue deserve nothing but the best.

However, some people are concerned that the checks can sometimes be too rigorous, and the requirements too stringent – unreasonably so – excluding potential good homes in a quest for perfection and eventually putting people off adopting. This results in adoptable dogs remaining in rescue for longer, taking up space that could go to other dogs in need.

Are rescues too strict in their rehoming requirements?

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  1. Home check are certainly necessary but possibly sometimes too strict about what the environment should be like. A dog for example doesn’t necessarily have to have a garden if it is walked often and long enough. People doing home checks should focus on the important things like the character of the new owners…


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