Heartbreaking CCTV footage shows dog abandonment

CCTV footage of Roxy being abandoned

CCTV footage of a dog being callously dumped outside Birmingham Animal Centre has been released. The film shows a Mercedes driver stopping in a disabled parking bay at around 8.05am on Saturday 26 August. The man then takes the dog from the boot and leaves.

CCTV footage of Roxy being abandoned

The black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier runs and hides behind a parked car. She wasn’t found until a staff member arrived at the centre for work, a full 40 minutes later.

Roxy, as she has now been named, is being cared for at the centre, but is said to be a bit shocked by what happened.

Roxy, the abandoned black and white Staffie

The RSPCA’s chief inspector for Birmingham, Rebecca Cooper, said, “It is so sad to think that someone thought it was okay to do this. Being abandoned must have been extremely stressful and poor Roxy wasn’t found straightaway.

“A vet has checked over Roxy and found that she seems to have a problem with her legs – this could be arthritis, but we are not sure yet until further tests are carried out. She is a lovely dog though and she is getting a lot of fuss.

“We are urging anyone who recognises the dog, or the person in the footage, to contact us in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018 so we can look into this further.”

See the CCTV footage of the incident below:

Featured image via RSPCA


  1. Whilst as a dog owner myself I find this shocking I think we should be careful to publicise and condemn. The only positive in this story is that the owner chose to abandon the dog at an Animal Centre. We risk more callous abandonment if we make this choice less ‘safe’.

    • Don’t excuse his behaviour! There was no need for the abandonment at all, you can hand your dog into these centres if you are unable to care for him/her so the owner could have very easily gone to it when it was open to do so.

    • I 100% DISAGREE with you. The only thing that will discourage vile creatures like this man and the driver, doing this kind of thing is blasting them on social media, letting their neighbors, their employers, and everyone in their city know exactly who and what they are. The CONSTANT ignoring of animal cruelty which is what this is…(the dog was locked in the TRUNK!) is to send these people to jail, and hope they also lose their jobs and have such a huge fine they have to trade that nice Mercedes in…..for a junker! They are vile and they are cowards! They deserve not only jail time but also to be billed for any and all vet care for this poor pup.

  2. There’s a lovely staffiecross being held under BSL his name is Kai. This week, despite so many people rooting for him and paying his legal costs, (he was abandoned and subsequently ‘typed’ by Medway Council) a destruction order has been placed on him. His owners ,who abandoned him, are the only people who can fight his corner but they are unwilling to do so. The law is so complex, that even though this poor dog is able to be rehomed it will not be allowed. Please highlight his plight as it is such a waste of taxpayer’s money and a totally rediculous law.

    • OMG! Failed by people, over and over, again. This poor dog can’t win for losing. Surely, somebody can do something to rectify this wrong doing. Certainly, this dog doesn’t need to be in the possession of such selfish owners, but he has the right to be loved and cared for in a good forever home with a decent family. Could someone who is charge please contact the Animal Justice League and find out what can be done for this sweet soul? He deserves much better than what he is getting. He didn’t ask to belong to shameful owners, and he didn’t deserve to be dumped. Now, he has a chance to be adopted by decent people, and there is a roadblock????

  3. A good Police computer can enhance that back license plate and get the number. Then charge with abuse as the dog was “IN THE TRUNK.: Print his name and address and maybe someone will visit him and show him the error of his ways.

    • What if something had happened to her in the 40 minutes that she was left, what if she’d been hit by a car coming in. I say name and shame. Got a flash expensive car but can’t look after their poor dog. Shame on them.

    • I would imagine the Rescue Centre are in touch with the necessary authorities who will have been given the cctv footage. Obviously if anyone knows the people, the car and the dog then that knowledge would be added to a successful prosecution. These people could come up with some stupid story about dog not being theirs and they were leaving it there for an arranged pick up by someone else. or something. Without someone knowing where the dog lived and who the owners were the couple could get off with a caution rather than a prosecution. Information and evidence are everything for a successful prosecution.

  4. The film could be enhanced and the number plate revealed. I’m sure it’s against the law to abandon an animal, also I’m sure there were two people in the car. what utter scum they are, from the look of him he’s not a young guy either. I hope the police get this film, please tell me this girl won’t be in danger and marked as a BSL breed?

  5. This is disgusting. Evil and inhumane. . If, for some reason, he can no longer care for her, then it is perfectly possible to take into a centre and sign her over. Abandonment is just cruel. No wonder she is still in shock

  6. Are you telling us that with pictures of both front and back of that expensive automobile the license cannot be seen??? I don’t believe it.

  7. I’m sorry if this upsets anyone but they are Scum! If they are having problems contact the shelter, the RSPCA In some places they are good, a friend, anyone but to just dump and run is heartless, I don’t care about their sob story only what they put this beautiful girl through. So I say again. scum!

  8. Surely the car registration should tell them who abandoned this poor dog, they should be prosecuted and charged for all her future care. How dare people think this is acceptable to leave a poor scared dog in a car park like that. Are they so gutless they cant walk to the door and ask them to find her another home.


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