Dog Crush: the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier licks his nose

Ever-popular and undoubtably English, the Yorkshire Terrier – or Yorkie, as he is more commonly known – is a favourite in many different households. They are loved for their silky-smooth coat and handheld size – although they can be a real little yappers!

Yorkshire Terrier puppy looks on

Tell us why you love your Yorkie, and you could be contributing to the biggest feature on the breed we have ever done. Yes, the Yorkshire Terrier will feature as the Dog Crush of the October issue! Help persuade – or dissuade – potential owners by telling our readers all about what these little dogs are like to own and share a home with – after all, you are the expert, not us!

Adult Yorkshire Terrier

Plus, if you take our survey (and you are a UK resident) we could be sending you a special thank you copy of the issue with all the results – there’s 50 up for grabs. Just remember to leave your address when prompted…

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