Great Debate: Is it ok to dye your dog’s coat?

Dog with dye in its ears and tail

All dogs need regular grooming, but some owners take it a step further by dyeing their dog’s hair with specific products or food colouring. Some dog salons offer ‘creative grooming’, where they cut and dye the fur to resemble the coat of other animals – like, for example, a zebra.

But many are against this, saying it’s an unnatural process the dog has no control over, and that it can be confusing and frightening to them – as well as damaging to the coat. Others say that it’s harmless fun, and that as long as the correct products are used, there are no negative consequences for the dog.

So we ask – is it OK to dye your dog’s coat?

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Your responses may be included in our Great Debate feature in the October 2017 issue.

Featured image courtesy of Daniela Forshaw


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