Bottled scent leads Bloodhound to missing woman

Ally the Bloodhound and her handler are interviewed

Ally, a Bloodhound working with the Citrus County Sheriff Office in Florida, has tracked down a missing elderly woman with dementia – thanks to a handy gadget called a scent preservation kit.

The woman had made the kit two and a half years ago – and it allowed Ally and her handler Deputy Justin Williams to track her down in less than five minutes.

The kits are completed by rubbing a pad under someone’s arm three times, and sealing it in a sterile jar. They retain the scent for up to seven years, and are far more reliable than using something like an article of clothing or bedding, which may have been contaminated by other smells and other people.

Scent preservation kit and Ally the Bloodhound rewarded with an ice-cream
Via Facebook/Citrus County Sheriff Office

With the missing woman returned home safe, Ally was reward with a real treat for a job well done – a vanilla ice-cream cone!

Featured image via Facebook/Citrus County Sheriff Office


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