Dog Crush: the Whippet

Whippet puppy sits in grass

Pointy-faced and petite, the Whippet is a favourite of many families. After all, they can rock a snood or a coat any day of the week, are as fast as lightening, and love a cosy cuddle!

We need you, Whippet owners, for our celebration of this much-loved British breed. In our September issue (fitting for these fashionable hounds) we will cover all things Whippet in our Dog Crush feature!

Brown and white whippet walks

To contribute, you need to tell us what it’s likely to own this dog in our survey – what a Whippet loves, hates, eats and does on the day-to-day. In return, 50 lucky UK-based respondents will get a copy of this special issue for free direct from us – just remember to leave your address at the end when asked.

Fill in our survey here:


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