Life behind bars no more

Candy the rescue dog in the car

It was a warm, autumn day… Perhaps this makes for a good start to a story, but for a rescue dog named Candy, life for 575 days was not all sunshine and buttercups.

Candy came into the care of Friends of Eden Animal Shelter in the small city of Eden, North Carolina, in September 2015. Not having a rescue site yet established, Friends rented space from the Rockingham Humane Society to house Candy, as well as a few other dogs until loving, forever homes could be found. In the spring of 2016, Candy – still searching for her forever family – was moved to our new rescue facility.

Time passed. She watched patiently as other dogs came and went. A high energy, robust dog, beautiful Candy seemed to be quite comfortable with Friends. She loved all the volunteers that came to walk and feed her every day.

Terribly frightened by the powerful thunderstorms we know all too well in our area, she managed to break free of her kennel during bad weather on more than one occasion. She never really went far once she escaped her kennel. She was home there at the site and knew someone would come to feed her and put her safely back in her assigned kennel.

But our goal is to find permanent, loving homes where our rescue dogs will be part of a family

In March of this year one of Friends volunteers re-posted her story on Facebook – 560 days and still no one wanted sweet Candy. The post was shared dozens of times.

Enter Corey Dockery, Captain of the Draper Volunteer Fire Department. Corey was vaguely familiar with Candy; he’d helped round her up on a number of occasions when she ‘ran’ from the storms. Corey saw the Facebook post and asked if anyone had adopted her. When learning that no one had, Corey brought his son, Landen, to the rescue site to meet Candy. It was love at first sight for both son and dog. And after 575 days it was a done deal.

We’ve received periodic reports and photographs since she was adopted. Candy finally found her own people. She lives with Corey, Landen, sister Macey, Grandma, and a four-legged brother named Sam.

She’s happy. Content. Safe. And, most importantly, she is loved.

We miss her at the site. We all loved her so much. But our goal is to find permanent, loving homes where our rescue dogs will be part of a family. Mission accomplished for our beautiful Candy – no more life behind bars!

Featured image via Facebook/Friends of the Eden Animal Shelter

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