Playground heaven for puppy trafficking victims


Dogs Trust Basildon has revealed its latest project: a puppy adventure playground for the centre’s youngest rescue residents!

Bella the Dachie pup. Via Dogs Trust.

Similar to a children’s playground, the area has a sandpit, bright tunnels and fun places to hide – and all made using recycled plastic. It’s a stimulating but safe space for the puppies to roam in a crucial stage of their development.

Hettie, Nellie and Blue. Via Dogs Trust.

The puppies can interact with other in a managed environment, discovering new smells and textures and getting used to being out in the open.

Hettie and Margot. Via Dogs Trust.

This is particularly important for some pups – the first to try out the new playground were all from central and eastern Europe, having been smuggled to the UK illegally and thankfully intercepted at the border. Their earliest weeks may have been spent in dark, confined spaces.

Blue the Dachsie. Via Dogs Trust.

The six French Bulldogs, two Dachshunds and one Chow Chow pup have all now been adopted by excited new families – but international puppy trafficking sadly continues.

Via Dogs Trust.

Hopefully the playground will help more victims of the trade in the future, on the way to their new lives. Dogs Trust gives the saved puppies lots of love and care while they wait out quarantine.

Nellie. Via Dogs Trust.

Lisa Cooper, the rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Basildon, said, “We’re really pleased with the final result of the puppy playground – it’s a great addition to the rehoming centre, thanks to a generous grant from the John Slater Foundation. I think the staff are just as excited with the puppy playground as the pups! The space will be used to integrate the pups into the outside environment, which will help teach them valuable socialisation skills, as well as offering mental and physical stimulation.”

Pudding the Chow pup. Via Dogs Trust.

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