Dog Crush: Corded dogs


Do you know your Hungarian Puli from your Komondor? Or perhaps you have a Poodle that is keep in cords? We are on the hunt for owners of corded canines, so if you own a dreadlocked dog or two, take our breed survey today!

Via Giphy

We have a fantastic feature on these special dogs coming up, so need information from owners in the know. What advice can you share on keeping a dog with a coat of many cords? Are they high-maintenance hounds? Do you attract attention when out walking these unusual-looking pets?

We have 50 free issues to give away to UK residents who take our survey too, to say thank you. The corded dogs Dog Crush will feature in our June issue – just remember to leave your name and address at the end when requested to be in with a shot of a complimentary copy.

Take the survey here:

Via Giphy

Featured image via Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg


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