Chihuahua barks for five hours to save her owner📢


When Marie Alexander adopted nine-year-old Chihuahua Sassy from an animal rescue, they quickly became inseparable. At 92 years old, Marie spends most of her time relaxing at home, and Sassy is more than happy to perch in her lap in their favourite armchair.

One of Marie’s short trips out is to collect her post from the front of her house, and Sassy will always follow dutifully behind. But one morning, Marie misstepped and fell backwards. She couldn’t stand up, and she was obscured from the road by hedges, so thought no one would find her. But Sassy wouldn’t let that happen.

Sassy ran up to every passing car, barking to try and get someone’s attention. Eventually, after five exhausting hours, a couple walking by listened to Sassy and came to help Marie.

Marie was hospitalised for dehydration – but without Sassy’s determination, it could have been far worse. It just goes to show hero dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

The pair are now back together again. See the full story here:




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