A real catch has been made thanks to Pokémon Go, as another abandoned dog has be saved due to more people being out and about in their local areas. This Beagle was spotted by the Thomas family last week, who had ventured out for walk near their home in Kentucky, USA, to play the popular app-based game. Three boys, Hunter, Ethan and Tanner, and their mother Elizabeth spotted the dog by some train tracks, and immediately abandoned their game. The Beagle was in an appalling state – covered in blood, missing an ear and his tail, and even suffering from a gunshot wound.

Via YouTube/WYMT Television

“It’s mind-blowing,” Elizabeth told WYMT. “That was not what we expected when we left that night to go walking and play that game!”

Luckily, Elizabeth is a nurse, and bandaged up the poor soul before he was taken to Corbin Animal Clinic. The dog, who has now been named Ash after the lead character in Pokémon, is being healed. Ash wouldn’t have lasted much longer on his own, so owes his life to the game.

The best news of all? The Thomas family hope to adopt Ash when he has recovered.

See the full story here:

Featured image via YouTube/WYMT Television


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