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The PDSA has issued a warning to dog owners after saving the life of an American Bulldog suffering from heatstroke. Bud, who is four-years-old, was just ten minutes into his daily walk when his owner Emma Charlton noticed he was struggling to breathe. Emma sensibly cut the walk short and headed home, but Bud collapsed a short distance from his front door.

Emma rushed her dog to the PDSA’s Huyton Pet Hospital, where vets worked to control Bud’s soaring temperature. He was wrapped in cool wet towels and put on an IV drip.

PDSA vet, Steven Goldie, said, “Bud’s temperature was critically high when he was brought in. We knew we had to act quickly to have any chance of saving him.

“We used water and wet towels to cool Bud and placed him on a drip to get fluids inside him.

“Despite our initial fears, Bud pulled through. He’s one of the lucky ones, many pets sadly don’t survive heatstroke.”

Bud cooling off with some water
Bud staying hydrated. Via PDSA

Emma was so relived to have her best friend safe – but shell-shocked by what had happened.

“I was in total shock as I’d never heard of dogs suffering from heatstroke before,” she said. “It was a warm day but muggy rather than blazing sunshine.

“I was so frightened when the vets told me he might not make it. I can’t thank them enough for everything they did.

“I’m now much more careful about when I take Bud for a walk when it’s hot and want to warn others of the dangers.”

Emma and Bud, back together. Via PDSA
Emma and Bud, back together. Via PDSA

If you think your dog is suffering from heatstroke, you should move him or her to a shaded area, provide small amounts of water, and use wet towels or fan to cool the body. Once your dog’s breathing has stabilised, get to a vet – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Featured image via PDSA.


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