Pregnant dog left tied to bin


The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information concerning a sick, pregnant Yorkie who was left tied to a bin outside a veterinary surgeon in Bathgate on Sunday 14 May.

Cold and dehydrated, she was tied to the bin with by a cable around her neck, and in the process of giving birth to a stillborn pup. Sadly, after the vets performed an emergency C-section, it was discovered that the rest of the litter had died as well.Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 13.28.02

“This was a horrific case of animal cruelty,” said senior Inspector Stuart Murray. “This dog was already in a very vulnerable position with being pregnant, but to be dumped in this way is unbelievably cruel and callous. The distress she would have gone through is unimaginable and we are asking anyone in the area who has any information to call us.”

Anyone with information is being urged to contact the SSPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999. The dog is now recovering from the ordeal, and has been offered a home by the vet who found her.

Images by SSPCA.


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