Mika and Cookie take the biscuit


Mika and Cookie are two older, sweet Staffies who found themselves at the Freshfields Animal Rescue last March, when their owner emigrated and sadly was unable to take them along. They love each other to bits, and will need to be rehomed together.

“They love to curl up and snuggle with each other in the same bed,” says Debbie Hughes, from Freshfields. “Mika is older and likes her home comforts, whilst Cookie is more outgoing – she knows how to work those moves and pose for the camera!”

Both are used to visiting children, although they have never lived with any, and therefore a home with teenagers onwards would be most suitable.  They’re good with dogs on walks, but – as many others – not fond of cats or small animals!

“They are typical Staffies: they are affectionate, cuddly, sweet-natured and they just love people,” Debbie says. “They can be left for a few hours during the day.”

Although Mika has been limping a little on one of her hind legs, she is doing well on pain relief, and the rescue’s vet is monitoring her progress.  If you think you could give both these girls the home they deserve,  you can call the rescue on 0151 931 1604 or email kennels@freshfields.org.uk.

Image by Freshfields Animal Rescue.


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