Internet famous dog now battling lymphoma


Three years ago, yellow Labrador Eva went viral after pulling down a post in front of her home to say hi to the neighbour’s dog. Now, the seven-year-old needs help to beat Lymphoma in her lymph nodes and spleen.

“Ever since I got her as a puppy, she’s been the funniest, happiest dog I’ve known,” her owner Day says. “Funny enough to go viral on Reddit and Imgur for pulling down a post in front of our house with her bare strength. Happy enough to pull me through some of my worst bouts of clinical depression and anxiety disorder. She’s always been there for me when I needed her, and now I’m going to be there for her. And hopefully, with your help, she can get the most out of her precious life.”

As things stand, Eva has only three months left to live. However, according to her vet Eva is a perfect candidate for chemotherapy – which could give her extra years to live with a good quality of life. The treatment’s cost is $8,500 – little less than £6,000 – and it is more than Eva’s family can afford with student loans yet to pay, so they have turned to fundraising to give her a chance.

“I don’t want her 8th birthday in June to be her last. I want her to see her 9th birthday, and 10th, and 11th,” Day writes. “My mother, father, and I are currently doing inventory of things we can sell around the house to afford her treatment. But even then, it won’t be enough. No matter what we do, it will never be enough. Eva needs your help, too.”


  1. Thank you so much for writing about Eva! We’re almost halfway to meeting her fundraising goal. But there is still so far to go. So thank you so so much for the signal boost!


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