Petstar Limited Unveils New Platform for Dog Grooming & Pet Software, ShakeYourTail


ShakeYourTail is a groundbreaking online­ platform, developed by a Petstar, a reputable player in the pet business industry, created to empower and streamline pet-related enterprises.

Geared towards various sectors like Dog Grooming Salons, Mobile Groomers, Doggie Day Care facilities, Dog Walkers, Kennels, and more, this innovative platform boasts an array of features that are set to revolutionise the way these businesses function.

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Users enjoy a long list of benefits:

  • Customer Registration: This service allows customers to register online, capturing all their essential contact and pet details in one place. A quick and efficient registration process enriches the client database and facilitates client management.
  • No-Shows: ShakeYourTail provides reminders about client performance, helping clients make well-informed booking decisions. This feature optimises appointment scheduling and minimises downtime, leading to increased productivity and revenue.
  • Marketing Materials: Users can make use of ShakeYourTail’s targeted client email and SMS campaigns to create weekly newsletters, special offers or anything else they wish to share with their cherished customers.
  • Simplified Contracts: Users can create and send electronic contracts for their clients to view and sign online, reducing paperwork and streamlining administrative processes. This allows for more time to be spent on delivering quality services.
  • Schedule: ShakeYourTail’s powerful and user-friendly scheduling tool optimises the booking experience. Users can easily book appointments for team members and view a colour-coded schedule at a glance. This feature allows businesses to streamline appointment management, boosting productivity and ironing out time-consuming scheduling conflicts.
  • Clients & Pets: The tool makes managing clients and pets a breeze. Users can effortlessly record client details and view appointment histories, breeds, photos, medical notes and even vet contacts. This enhanced service enables a personalised service which in turn boosts client loyalty and strengthens relationships.
  • Reports: This feature allows users to generate and export detailed reports on client details, appointments, marketing strategies, no-shows and additional services. Users can maintain transparent and comprehensive records, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Now its creator, Petstar Limited, is pleased to announce a variety of brand new features to further enhance the user experience. From streamlined payments and deposits to multi-side management tools, from enterprise business support to online booking, ShakeYourTail has everything needed to cater to the needs of small to enterprise-sized businesses within the pet sector.


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