Giant dog to bark at fireworks in Helsinki

Giant dog in Helsinki

New Year’s Eve is approaching and so are firework displays across the globe, to the terror of animals everywhere. Much like in the UK, many dogs in Finland struggle to cope with loud bands and sudden flashes – and Nordic pet care specialist Musti Group is seeking to raise awareness by installing a 20-foot virtual dog at the official New Year’s event of Helsinki.

The giant virtual dog will react to the sound of fireworks in real time by barking, and is part to Musti Group’s Be Aware of the Dogs campaign. Eveliina Rantahalvari, Marketing Manager of Musti Group, says, “There are hundreds of thousands of dogs in Finland alone, but people who don’t have any pets don’t see what animals go through during New Year’s Eve.

“Real pets go into hiding during the night, but with the virtual dog we can bring this important message out to the streets, where people are celebrating the new year with fireworks.”


“Panic attacks, tremors and hiding are some of the common reactions. The symptoms often get worse as the dog gets older, and past traumas can haunt the dog so that it gets startled by even the faintest sounds.

“We don’t want to be judgemental or spoil anyone’s evening, but we hope that people would be aware of this issue when choosing the place where they shoot off their fireworks. The further away from residential buildings the better. This way New Year’s Eve could be a fun experience for pets as well.”

As part of the campaign, Musti Group is calling for pet owners would share their own experiences of the downsides of fireworks, and their dogs’ struggle, with the hashtag #beawareofthedogs.


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