Canine first aid expert issues warning over dogs wearing collars indoors


A leading canine first aid expert has warned dog owners about the dangers of leaving collars on their pets indoors.

Qualified veterinary nurse Rachel Bean, who wrote the iPET Network’s course in canine first aid, says that she has seen a number of avoidable injuries caused by wearing a collar in the house.

In her work Rachel has seen injuries and death after dogs became caught on door handles or radiator dials and choked while they were alone. In some horrific cases, boisterous playtimes between dogs have also led to choking incidents and death, and Rachel says that there is no reason for collars to be worn when the dog is not out for a walk.

Wearing collars outside
Rachel with Chilli and Wisp

The expert also warned of leaving dogs wearing collars and harnesses in indoor crates, because they could become caught.

She said, “All too often these indoor collar injuries and tragedies can be avoided by simply taking off the collar. Many people think it is a legal requirement, but that is only when your dog is out walking.

“When you are walking with your dog you are watching them closely, but at home so many things can happen while you are not looking, and that is when these horrible incidents happen.”

Rachel, who travels the country giving canine first aid workshops, added, “I have seen cases where during a play session one of the dog’s mouth has become caught on the other’s collar creating a dangerous panic situation and causing devastating life-threatening injuries.

“Your dog will be safer and more comfortable without their collar indoors, and you will be able to relax too.”

The law states that all pet dogs must wear a collar with an owner’s name and address visible when in a public place.


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