Rescue appeals for vet bill funds as dog’s leg amputated after breaking twice

after the leg amputation

Sandy the Saluki was found straying with a broken leg, which needed to be amputated in a costly operation that the rescue is now fundraising to pay.

Sandy was found by a member of the public loose near the A46 in Lincoln in July. She had a badly broken leg, and it’s believed she may have been hit by a vehicle. While RSPCA inspectors were able to track down her owners, who’d been looking for her, they couldn’t afford to pay for the treatment for her broken leg and signed her over to the RSPCA.

RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch took her in. Animal care manager Megan Rattray said, “Sandy had x-rays and an operation to put pins in the broken bone but, sadly, this only worked for a short period of time.

“Our team was helping her with physio but it was clear she was still in pain so she went back to the vets who confirmed that, sadly, her weakened leg had broken again.

“Vets advised that we have her leg amputated as they felt that if we tried to repair the bones again it could fail; particularly as, due to her breed, her bones are quite delicate.”

Sandy had her leg amputated on 20 July, leaving the branch with a £1,300 vet bill. The team is appealing to its  supporters to help cover Sandy’s costs and has launched a special fundraiser for her bill on JustGiving.

Megan added, “We know times are tough for everyone but we’d appreciate any help our wonderful supporters can give us.

“Sandy has adapted really well since losing her leg and is managing to get around. She still has some way to go in her recovery but we’re pleased that she’s already got a family interested in adopting her!”

“She’s already trying zoomies so we do have to slow her down sometimes and remind her that she’s recovering from major surgery. But we’re sure she’ll be back to her speedy ways in no time at all!

“Sandy is such a sweet and affectionate girl. She loves giving kisses and stretching out for naps on the sofa. She’s got a bright future ahead, but that’s only been possible due to everyone who has helped her along the way!”

You can donate towards Sandy’s vet bills here.

Images by RSPCA


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