Take part in the Big Pet Census!

big pet census

As Blue Cross celebrates the 125th year since its foundation – back when it was still called ‘Our Dumb Friends League’ – it’s calling for pet lovers to take part to the Big Pet Census.

The nationwide survey will help the charity “better understand the UK’s 34 million-strong pet population and the role pets play in their owners’ lives, shaping the support that the charity offers to pets and their families”.

Blue Cross CEO Chris Burghes said, “We are really proud to have changed millions of lives in our 125-year history but the need for our help is growing all the time.”

Dogs are struggling with a quiet house“No one knows your pet quite like you do and now you can share your knowledge to help make this an even better world for pets and the people who love them by taking part in our Big Pet Census. Your responses to the census will help us learn as much as possible about pet ownership to inform our work to improve pet welfare and support people.”

The online survey asks “everything from views on the pressing animal welfare issues of our time to questions about how owners show their pets that they love them and how their pets demonstrate that reciprocal love”.

Blue Cross is also keen to find out how having a pet improves lives and how their pets supported them during the pandemic.

You can take the survey here.


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