“Best friends” seek forever home together

Best friends

A pair of best friends are looking for a forever home together, after their owner became ill and unable to look after them.

Seven-year-old Fred and eight-year-old Louis came into the care of RSPCA Cornwall’s Venton Animal Centre, in St Columb, in December.

Manager Helen Jones said, “Due to their owner’s illness, Fred and Louis had not been out of the house for a walk for years and only had access to their garden. Sadly, this has left them very worried about almost everything in the outside world.

“They may not be brothers biologically and we call them ‘brothers from another mother’ but they’re absolutely inseparable. They find a lot of things in this world very scary but as long as they’re touching each other, they’re happy. They’re always side-by-side and we want to ensure they can stay together forever.”

“If they can love anyone as much as they love each other, then that person will be very, very lucky!”

Staff are looking to find Fred and Louis a quiet home with “a patient owner” who can guide them through the big scary world.

“Fred and Louis have led a very sheltered life and look to each other for confidence and reassurance when they’re worried so it’s really important that they stay together,” Helen added.

“They’re a funny pair who have their own quirks but they’re incredibly loving. Fred, in particular, barks when he is worried and Louis will follow along behind. However, we have been doing lots of training with them and are gradually introducing them to new experiences.

They’re looking for a home without other dogs, but could potentially live with older children; they’d like their new owner to teach them commands and tricks, and help them learn to be left home alone.

“Fred and Louis are a quirky but sweet pair,” Helen said. “We know that there is someone out there who will be right for them and, in return, they’ll get two wonderful, funny, loving boys.

“If they can love anyone as much as they love each other, then that person will be very, very lucky!”

To find out more about this pair of best friends, visit their Find A Pet profile online or contact RSPCA Cornwall on info@rspcacornwall.org.uk or 01637 881455.


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