Mayhew Afghanistan neuters record-breaking number of dogs in Kabul

World Spay Day in Kabul

Mayhew Afghanistan has announced that on this year’s World Spay Day (22 February) they have spayed 122 Kabul street dogs – beating all their previous records.

This programme is part of the charity’s on-going city-wide Trap, Neuter, and Release (TNR) initiative for the free-roaming dogs in the Afghan capital. It is run alongside the charity’s mass rabies vaccination of the stray population. As of the end of January 2022, the charity had neutered over 23,000 dogs in the city.

Mayhew states, “Despite the upheavals of recent months in Afghanistan, Mayhew’s objective has been to continue to deliver these vital programmes to improve the welfare of both the dogs and the residents of Kabul.”

“Following a temporary suspension of operations because of the change in government in August 2021, the programmes resumed again, at reduced capacity, in September 2021 and were able to build up to normal capacity in December 2021.”

Mayhew Afghanistan’s clinical team is made up of nine vets and assistants, together with a support team, and led by the Country Director, Dr Mohammadzai DVM, who has been the recipient of several awards for his animal welfare work in Afghanistan.

Dr Mohammadzai said, “We are really pleased to have neutered 122 dogs on World Spay Day. Despite heavy snow in Kabul, the team were out catching dogs from 5 am – they truly worked hard. Our target is to neuter 10,000 dogs in 2022 and results like today make this very achievable. I am very proud of the team.”

Images by Mayhew


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