Managing dog epilepsy: take the survey

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My name is Stacey Phillips and I am an undergraduate student from the School of Applied Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University. I am in my final year of my Veterinary Nursing degree, and I am currently undertaking a research project for my honours dissertation.

My project title is: A study into the confidence of owner’s when managing their dog’s epilepsy and the extent of support provided by veterinary practices.

This study will investigate the link between the amount of support provided by veterinary practices to owners and the owner’s confidence in caring for their dog. The findings will be useful as they can be used to encourage veterinary practices to provide more support to owners of epileptic dogs and it will show the type of support that owners would find useful.

I am carrying out this study as it relates to my previous experience as an owner of an epileptic dog. I am seeking participants for my study who are willing to complete an anonymous online survey.

survey on canine epilepsy management
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To qualify for participation, you must meet the inclusion criteria and not match any of the exclusion criteria.

Inclusion Criteria: A dog owner in the United Kingdom, aged 18 or over who owns an epileptic dog
Exclusion Criteria: Owners in the medical or veterinary profession

If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete a short survey which can be completed within 20 minutes. All data will be anonymous and you will not be identifiable in any of the data reporting. The data will be destroyed by the supervisor at the end of the study.

Find the survey here.

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