Disabled Lurcher pups thrown from car seek home

Lurcher puppy

A pair of three-month-old Lurcher puppies, Wendy and Wilson, are in the care of Dogs Trust after being reportedly thrown from the window of a car on 18 October in London.  

This is sadly not the first time someone abandons a dog by throwing them out of a moving vehicle. As well as being both visually and hearing impaired the pups, who are believed to be siblings, showed clear signs of neglect as they were severely dehydrated and underweight. 

Dogs Trust West London Rehoming Centre Manager Richard Moore said, “This is one of those incidents so shocking you can barely believe anyone would do such a thing to two defenceless pups, who in addition to being extremely small and poorly also have reduced sight and hearing.  

“These puppies were reportedly thrown from a car window and rescued by a witness who saw what happened.”

“They brought them straight to us here at the centre where we had them immediately checked over by a vet who found that, luckily, they weren’t seriously injured. However, they were in very poor condition from being dehydrated and severely underweight. They were taken to the overnight vets for rehydration and further veterinary care. 

“It was also discovered that the puppies had been born with a congenital abnormality leading to each of them having a hearing or visual impairment.” 

Their disability doesn’t seem to affect their zest for life, Dogs Trust reports, as both Lurcher puppies are playful and now ready to go on to their forever homes.

“They are looking for homes with family members aged 10 and over. Enclosed gardens of their own are essential, and they ideally need to live with another calm dog who could show them the way.” 

If you think you might be a match for Wendy or Wilson check out their profiles on the Dogs Trust West London website and click on the ‘Rehoming Me Starts Here’ button.



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