Charity bringing rescue dogs and the elderly together releases moving Christmas ad

charity ad on loneliness among elderly

Scottish charity Give a Dog a Bone…and an animal a home was created to tackle two issues: homeless pets, and loneliness among elderly people. The charity helps people over 60 adopt a rescue pet, with help toward the cost of the rehoming fee as well as an ongoing support scheme – providing pets with a loving home, and the elderly with much-needed companionship.

Recent studies have highlighted the importance of dogs as a source of social support, and research has found that the companionship of pets help prevent suicide among the elderly. Now Give a Dog a Bone is aiming to raise awareness of the difference a rescue pet companion can make in an older person’s life through a Christmas ad, which you can watch below.

Charity founder Louise Russell said, “We know ourselves that pets can help reduce the adverse effects of loneliness for older adults. They provide motivation to rise in the morning, a reason to get outside into the fresh air for exercise, and they can provide routine in a day which otherwise might be empty.

“For many of the older adults we support, their pets are the main source of company and affection.”



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