Man caught on CCTV stamping on dog’s head in violent attack

CCTV still

A West Midlands man caught on CCTV while beating his dog in a lift has been jailed and disqualified from keeping animals for life.

The attack took place on the morning of 10 December 2019 inside the lift of an apartment building, and the West Midlands Police contacted the RSPCA that same day, after seizing the eight-month-old Presa Canario, Rico, from his owner.

Inspector Claire Davey, who led the investigation, said, “In the footage, a large brindle-coloured dog enters the lift followed closely behind by Mr Khan. The dog looks nervous and cowers in the corner of the lift before he launches a violent attack on him, kicking and stamping on his head twice.”

She added, “There’s a puddle of urine on the floor of the lift that wasn’t there before the attack. Poor Rico was so frightened that he wet himself. 

“The man then attaches a lead to Rico’s harness and yanks at him to move him to the other side of the lift. He scurries over to the doors and continues to cower on the ground. As the doors open, the dog scuttles out nervously before they disappear from the shot.”

Fortunately, no injuries were found on Rico during a subsequent vet visit.

On 9 December, almost a year to the day of the attack, Shahzeeb Shazad Khan, of Hartlebury Road, Oldbury, appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to Rico. 

He was sentenced to eight weeks in prison, ordered to pay a £123 victim surcharge, and disqualified from keeping all animals for life. This means Rico can now be rehomed.

Inspector Davey said, “After spending a year in our care, Rico can now find a wonderful new home. All of the staff who have been taking care of him are so thrilled that this Christmas is looking so much brighter for this lovely lad.”

Images courtesy of RSPCA


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