A home for Nikita


Nikita is a beautiful 10 year old old Husky who has had rotten luck in finding her forever home. We adore Nikita here, and we do everything we can to make her happy and comfortable – but a kennel is no home.

Unfortunately it’s getting to the point we’re Nikita doesn’t want to go out on her walkies anymore, she doesn’t want to play with her favourite teddy bear and she doesn’t wag her tail when it’s cuddle time.

Nikita has a massive personality, she is such a diva and makes all of the staff at the Sanctuary laugh on a daily basis. She usually loves cuddling her teddy bears, snoozing on the nearest couch and showing off some tricks for a bit of chicken! Nikita does have some ‘quirks’ and requires a special and experienced home.

Sadly, this girl has a rough upbringing, this has never left her and unfortunately Nikita guards her toys and food. In a foster home Nikita was brilliant, she got into the routine of being fed in a different room and her foster carers never had any issues.

She is a very affectionate girl, however this is on her terms – she does not want to be grabbed and hugged when she is comfortable and/or relaxing.

Nikita walks amazing on a halti, she loves long walks – however it can be a bit of a challenge getting her out in the rain! She is great with other dogs out on a walk but does not want to share her home with any animals at all. She is house trained, non-destructive and is okay to be left for a few hours. Her ideal home would be a one-person home, child-free and pet-free, with an owner who has previous experience dealing with some of her quirks. Nikita loves lounging about in the sun so a nice yard/garden is a must for this princess.

The sanctuary is based in Liverpool, anybody wanting to adopt Nikita must be able to travel and build a relationship up with her before taking home. If you have any further questions about her, please call 07399426636.

This is a guest post by Carla Lane Animals in Need. Want to write for us? Visit www.dogstodaymagazine.co.uk/essay-submission or email editorial@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk


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