Pokio Goes to the Vet

pokio goes to the vet

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Most dogs don’t like going to the vet but, as I mentioned in my first adventure, I don’t mind. Not only do I like playing with their little dog, but the lady vet always gives me treats when she has finished examining me, or clipping my claws. The male vet always makes a fuss of me too.

I was glad to get the flea treatment when Mummy first got me as I didn’t itch so much. Fleas are not nice and they bit Mummy too. She took me to the dog groomer for a bath as well. I did not like that!

Shortly after I went to live with Mummy, I had to have surgery. That was not very nice as Mummy had to leave me there all day. Getting the anaesthetic was not much fun either. The injection hurt but they let Mummy stay with me until I went to sleep. I was really glad to see Mummy when she came to collect me.

The vet put a collar on me to stop me licking my wound or nibbling my stitches. The trouble was that I have a thick neck but short legs, so I needed a big collar. Every time I tried to walk the collar dragged on the ground. I was still a bit dopey from the anaesthetic which didn’t help either.  Mummy collected me in the car but we had to walk from the car park and I really struggled.

The problem of getting up the stairs came next. I couldn’t walk up and Mummy couldn’t carry me. In the end she had to take the collar off (but she didn’t tell the vet!). I was very good and didn’t lick my wound or nibble the stitches. I sure was glad to get the collar off. I felt a bit sorry for myself for a couple of days but was soon back to my usual mischievous self!

My annual health check is not all fun either. First of all I have to be weighed. Who likes being weighed? At least I am not overweight. Having my heart tested is OK but I am not impressed with where the vet puts the thermometer! The blood test comes next. A part of my leg has to be shaved and then some blood taken out. I must admit last time I made quite a fuss. The man vet said I was a drama queen because it didn’t hurt that much, but I bet he wouldn’t like having a needle stuck in his leg!

As well as the flea treatment, I have a special collar that also helps protect me from fleas, ticks and a disease dogs get from sand flies. Luckily for me my last blood test came back negative. Mummy was really worried until she got the call to say I was OK.

I think I like the lady vet best but then again, I do seem to like the ladies!

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