Pokio Goes Rambling

Pokio ready to go

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I was lucky while Crete was in lockdown because I had lots of long walks. Mummy found it difficult because she couldn’t go out to meet her friends and she was getting lonely. Because of that, our walks were longer than usual. Mummy was talking to her laptop a lot and voices were coming out of it. I thought that was very strange, I have never heard it talk before. Now it has learned to talk, it often answers Mummy when she speaks to it. She used to talk to the laptop before but she usually swore at it and I had to put my paws over my ears!

Mummy was glad when some of the restrictions were eased so we could go out more. We recently went out into the country and had a lovely long walk. My friends, Rita and Aria, came too. Mummy and her friend let us off our leads and we could run and sniff wherever we wanted to. We had a great time.

Mummy likes history and we went to a place called Argyroupoli. After parking the cars, we walked down a path away from the road. Mummy and her friends were really interested in the ruins. Apparently they date back to Roman times. We dogs were more interested in all the different smells. Apart from doggy smells, the scent of wild thyme was really strong. There were lots of oranges on the trees as well.

Although Mummy is quite fit, she doesn’t have very good balance. That is probably because she only has two wheel drive whereas I have four wheel drive. She struggled a bit over the rougher parts of the footpath so it was just as well I was off the lead or I might have pulled her over. I wouldn’t have done it deliberately but I do get over enthusiastic sometimes.

We stopped at a fountain so Mummy and her friends could drink their water and eat some fruit. Aria was straight in the water but Rita and I just had a drink. Mummy’s friend gave me some mulberries and I discovered to my surprise that I like them. She is a lady who knows about dogs so they couldn’t do me any harm. Mummy already knew I like a piece of apple now and then because she accidentally dropped a piece when she was cooking, and I ate it!

Being a dog I like trees, of course. When we stopped for a drink there were lots of trees. One of Mummy’s friends said the big plane tree is believed to be over 2,000 years old. Imagine that!

At the end of the walk we had to go back on our leads because we needed to cross the road. If I find an interesting smell in the road, I tend to forget cars are dangerous, so I stop and sniff. Then we all went to a taverna at the springs for lunch. Rita, Aria and I sat under the table in the hope someone might drop some food and, sure enough, the odd titbit came our way!

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