Owners grooming their dogs during lockdown with… interesting results

not a grooming success

Dog groomers were among many businesses that had to stop operating throughout the Covid-19 crisis. This means many dogs owners saw their appointments cancelled, and had to try grooming their dogs themselves to keep them comfortable as temperatures soared.

Price comparison site idealo has seen “a mammoth spike” in sales of dog grooming products, with a 309 per cent increase from January to May, while Google searches for “How to groom your dog at home?” tripled since 3 March.

While some owners were able to trim their dogs’ coat rather well, other had… less than ideal outcomes.


Grooming a dog can be essential for its health during the summer, but cutting a dog’s fur without training might not go entirely to plan; idealo shared a couple of tips to limit the damage if mistakes are made.

Uneven Haircut – Don’t worry about the odd uneven patch, in time a dog’s fur will grow back to normal. However, if the haircut is bothering you too much, plan the next available appointment with a dog groomer, who may be able to work their magic and give the coat a more even look.

Bare Patches – If you trim too close to the skin and leave a bare patch, use an antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection. Because the skin is exposed, it can become raw and prone to sunburn, so be sure to keep an eye on it until the fur grows back.

It is important to use proper dog grooming tools and products.

bald patches are a common mishap when grooming

Katy Phillips, from idealo, said, “The unfortunate situation everyone has found themselves in has seen people having to make a decision on whether they should have a go at cutting their own dog’s hair or not.

“We’re seeing a burst in sales of different types of dog grooming products which suggests that people are going for it. Fingers crossed people can keep their pooches happy and healthy!”

Images courtesy of idealo


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