‘Wonky’ pup in need of a forever home that will continue her Hydrotherapy


Winnie, an 18-week-old American bulldog, was signed over to the RSPCA because her previous owner couldn’t cope with her deformity. The ‘wonky’ pup is now looking for a special home that can continue with her recovery.

Winnie arrived at the RSPCA’s Essex South, Southend and District Branch at the end of July when she was just nine-weeks-old. Branch animal support worker Kathy Butler said, “When Winnie arrived she had severe knuckling on her forelimbs which left her legs collapsing under her weight. Her previous owner had taken her on when she was just five-weeks-old but couldn’t cope with her deformity and signed her over into our care.

“Winnie, thankfully, wasn’t in any pain but needed urgent help so we arranged examinations and x-rays. A specialist referral clinic diagnosed her with a developmental disease of the carpus (or wrist) where the ligaments or tendons form abnormally and cannot support the joint. They gave us a treatment plan and Winnie started hydrotherapy and physiotherapy immediately.”

A specialist foster home took care of Winnie, placing her on a specialist diet to help her development. She needed daily physiotherapy and twice weekly hydrotherapy as rehabilitation.

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to her amazing foster family, Dick White Referrals and Completely K9 Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation for their help with Winnie. The hydro pool have even agreed to provide Winnie with hydrotherapy free of charge for as long as she needs it

“Hydrotherapy has transformed Winnie’s life and helped us to save money which we can now use for other animals in need,” Kathy added. “We’d now really like to find Winnie a paw-fect forever home in Essex so Winnie can continue her hydro sessions at Completely K9.”

Winnie is a typical puppy; playful, friendly and full of life. She loves people, other dogs and is really clever. Kathy added, “Winnie is really keen to learn and has been attending puppy training classes. She already knows ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘touch’. She’s currently whistle training for her recall and is beginning some scent work. She walks beautifully on the lead and loves playing in water.

“She’s a clever, active girl who loves running around, playing with other dogs and learning new things.”

Winnie is crate trained and has almost mastered house training. She travels well in the car and has so much to offer any new family that have an active home so she’ll get lots of exercise once she’s ready to do more.

New owners will need to be around for most of the time to start with as Winnie has not yet learned that being left alone isn’t scary. Winnie’s physio and hydro takes up some time so her new owners will need to have time to continue this work at least until she’s fully grown.

Winnie can live with other dogs and may be able to live with a cat. She may be happy in a family home with older children.

To find out more about Winnie please contact the branch by calling 07749 175023 or emailing dogs@rspcaessexsouth.org.uk

Images by RSPCA


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