Animal Rescue Crew call for help after devastating flood


On the night between 26 and 27 September, a devastating floor occurred at our shelter in Sinoe, Romania, which is home to 70 dogs.

In addition to the flood, which has basically decimated our shelter, we have lost food supplies, tools, hay for winter, and suffered so much damage to fencing etc that we are now beyond critical levels. We are running a Facebook even to raise much-needed funds.

Our charity started in 2014. We gained charitable status in 2015 and currently have 139 dogs and 35 cats in the care of two very hardworking volunteers at our rescue headquarters in Constanta, Romania. We are entirely self-funded and run the charity as volunteers, completely unpaid.

We can very successfully rehome a very small number of dogs and cats each year to carefully selected and pre-approved homes, until 2018, whereby we saw multiple changes to the usual platforms we used at that time. Pets4Homes changed their policy and would only allow dogs and cats in the UK to be profiled.

Unfortunately, given how we struggle to cover our basic food costs, we did not have the resources to bring dogs to the UK to foster homes, with transport costs and daily care costs added. As a result we have rehomed no dogs and cats since June 2018. We currently have our first transport since booked, with three dogs and two cats all going to forever homes in Scotland.

I hope that we can work together to help our charity in this time of extreme crisis.

This is a guest essay by Aimee Parkinson. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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