Great Debate: Should walking your dog when it’s ‘too hot’ be punished with a fine?


Every summer and at every heatwave, there are repeated warnings to avoid taking one’s dog out in hot weather, limiting walks to the morning and evening. While most dog owners heed the warnings, far too many ignore them – putting their dogs at risk of a heat stroke and painful, blistered paws.

Some are now arguing that as making a dog walk in unbearable heat is highly irresponsible behaviour, it should be forbidden altogether and that there should be at least a fine for people caught walking dogs on a hot day. Others say it would be both hard to enforce and possibly unfair, as there is a difference between a brief walk in the shade of a park and a trek down a high street, and how much heat is ‘too much’ is entirely subjective – depending on many factors, including the breed.

What do you think – should there be a fine for people walking their dog when the weather is too hot for it? Yes, no, maybe if the dog is in distress? Share your opinion here, in the Facebook thread below, or write to

Great Debate: Should there be a fine for walking your dog when the weather is too hot?Walking a dog in scorching hot…

Posted by Dogs Today Magazine on Wednesday, 24 July 2019


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