Dog Crush: Bedlington Terrier


The graceful Bedlington Terrier is next to star in our Dog Crush feature, planned for our October edition which will be in the shops the second Thursday in September.

We need to hear from owners of this wonderful breed in our latest survey. Does your Bedlington have the traditional show cut? How easy are they to train? What health tests would you say are essential? We need to know all the highs and lows! 

The feature will also include beautiful Bedlington art, photography and products – so tell us about your favourites!

To thank you for your time, we have 25 free copies of the October issue to give away to survey respondents in the UK. Just leave your postal address at the end when prompted.

The survey can be found here.



  1. I have a Pollydog beddie , the most loving, stubborn ,entertaining dog I’ve ever owned . People sometimes confuse their stubborness with stupidity. ..don’t! Theyre highly intelligent and interactive. ..just selectively deaf .


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