Remembering Coco: the sadder side of working at a rescue centre


Sadly, not all dogs who are rescued can be saved. Animal charity Mayhew shared Coco’s heartbreaking story to give an insight into the sadder side of working at a rescue centre.

Last month, eight-year-old Chihuahua Coco was brought into Mayhew by Animal Welfare Officers, after she was hit by a car and left badly injured. As she was clearly in a significant amount of pain and distress, vets immediately took her into the Community Vet Clinic to investigate her injuries.

A radiograph quickly revealed that Coco had a broken pelvis, and so reconstructive surgery was scheduled. While waiting for surgery, Coco was put on cage rest to minimise further damage and to try and help alleviate her pain and discomfort. However, during this time, vets noticed that Coco could not pass any urine or faeces – and hadn’t been able to since the accident occurred.

An inability to pass urine or faeces indicated that she had suffered severe nerve damage in addition to her broken pelvic bones.Unfortunately, nerve damage of any type is irreversible, and together with the prospect of and risks associated with major surgery, Coco’s prognosis was extremely poor.

Vets therefore made the difficult but necessary decision to put Coco to sleep, to end her current and inevitable future suffering. They made sure she was warm and comfortable and felt safe until the very end, and stayed with her for the duration of the procedure.

Although not every animal the charity sees has a happy ending, the charity says it won’t stop trying to help those in need. If you are having trouble looking after your pet, or you suspect that something is wrong with an animal, please call their Animal Welfare Officers on 020 8962 8000 for free, non-judgemental advice and assistance.

Images and video by the Mayhew. 


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