Scotland’s largest rescue puppy greets ex-carer with hug

Big hugs for Jenni

Arnie the Great Dane is the biggest puppy Dogs Trust Glasgow have ever rehomed. At just five months old he weighed more than a baby hippo, and recently he got a special visit from an old friend at the charity’s Fun Day.

At the time of his rehoming, Arnie was featured nationally as Scotland’s largest rescue puppy. Weighing a hefty 43kg, he was fed a kilo-and-a-half of raw meat per day, along with fish, egg and vegetables. Since then he has almost doubled in size, now weighing just over 80kg.

Owner Julie Reid with Arnie

Arnie attended Dogs Trust Glasgow’s Fun Day on Sunday with his owner Julie Reid. Ex-Dogs Trust residents and their owners have been attending Fun Days across the UK, giving canine carers a chance to be reunited with the dogs they cared for at the rehoming centres.

Arnie and his canine carer Jenni spent lots of time together at the rehoming centre, building a bond while he was a resident. Immediately recognising his favourite staff member, Arnie was so excited to see Jenni that he forgot his training and jumped up to give her a huge hug. So, it is back to Dogs Trust Dog School for a training top-up!

Big hugs for Jenni


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